Emergency Medical Equipment Service & Repair



This service level includes the five-point maintenance program and replacement of the items that you specify for a price that will remain fixed for the life of the service contract. 

The Platinum service level includes the repair or replacement of the following high-wear PLUS any items that you select at no extra charge:


  • All Labels 
  • Worn Wheel Bearings  
  • Sidearm Pins, Knobs, and Springs
  • Head-end Release Handles
  • Foot-end Release Handles
  • Leg Return and 
    Ratchet Bar Springs
  • Lift Handles
  • Crutch Tips
  • Scuff Strips
  • Fastener Post
  • Hardware
You may add additonal items such as:
  • Wheels
  • Safety U-Bar Springs 
    (Model 35-A)
  • Safety Release Levers
  • Release Handle Grips

Five-Point Equipment Management Program


Preventive Maintenance    
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Lubrication
Equipment Tune-Up
  • Hardware Tightening and Replacement
  • Alignment Adjustments
Equipment Evaulation
  • Reveals Needed Repairs
  • Detects Potential Problems
Usage Evaluation
  • Reveals Improper Usage
EMSAR Equipment Report
  • Provides a Documented History of Preventive Maintenance

Service Levels

Select the Service Level that's right for your patient transportation equipment. These service programs are designed to meet the varied needs of our customers

If you would like a brochure detailing our complete line of services, please email your name, address, and company name to the following email address to info@emsar.com.

Local Service 800-733-6727