Certified Disposal

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EMSAR offers client manufacturers comprehensive management and consulting services tailored to your company’s specific needs. Services include:

  • Assured Destruction
  • On-site or remotely managed Services
  • Green Disposal
  • We offer a personalized not a “cookie cutter” approach to address your needs

Healthcare suppliers, device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and other organizations often end up with defective, off-spec, returned or outdated products that must be securely destroyed. EMSAR will develop a solution that can meet all of your sensitive waste disposal needs.

EMSAR has partnered with a leader in the industry focused on managing sensitive, proprietary and confidential waste for our clients. We know the criticality of minimizing risk and meeting time frames for destruction. Ongoing detailed reporting throughout the process keeps the destruction project on task for successful completion within contracted requirements.

Through our partnership, we offer a safe and secure destruction process that destroys materials at temperatures approaching 2,000°F, while at the same time generating clean energy. Typically, the entire process is witnessed and includes either a Certificate of Destruction proving that the materials were directly fed into our hopper for immediate thermal destruction, or a Certificate of Disposal showing that non-secure materials were received and processed, together with other solid waste, before being destroyed.

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Austin Headquarters:
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