2023 EMS Standard Rates & Terms

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EMSAR preventative maintenance service includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance (PM and/or Calibration)
  • Equipment Tune-Up
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Usage Evaluation/Training
  • Equipment Reports.

Each service will incur PM and travel charges as per the pricing table below, plus any parts required.

If the equipment is not available or onsite during the scheduled PM service, additional travel and/or labor will be invoiced.

Additional services needed during the scheduled PM service will be invoiced per the labor rate below plus any applicable parts that are required.

Preventative Maintenance Pricing


Equipment Type Price per Unit
Manual stretcher $152
Power stretcher $190
Stair chair $76
Power stair chair $99
Manual fastener $53
PowerLoad fastener $228
Wheelchair lift $228
Mortuary cot $152
Embalming table $106
Church truck $152
Scoop $46
O2 Suction Unit $41
Travel Travel is not to exceed $500 per service visit and is calculated at $119 / hour for time in transit + IRS mileage rate / mile.
Labor Pricing
Hourly Labor Rate $119.00
Labor time is billed for any work needed outside of the PM service. Labor time will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes
Quality System Requirements

The customer must provide EMSAR with copies of any applicable procedures and/or special requirements/specifications pertaining to the requested services prior to scheduling. Additional tasks or requests not noted on the initial service request or that deviates from EMSAR’s standard service procedures may be permitted, however, additional fees could apply. Service quote pricing assumes that the units requested for services are located at, and accessible at the address indicated by the customer and time scheduled upon the EMSAR field service engineer arrival. Equipment must be in a state to allow evaluation, function testing, and/or diagnosis to occur. Pricing is reflective of one onsite visit.

If additional equipment is serviced during the visit, additional charges will apply at the above-mentioned Rate Card rates in addition to any billable parts.

Safe work environment

Client is responsible for providing a safe work environment and shall comply with all applicable health and safety laws, directives and rules and regulations. EMSAR shall have the right to reject the work if technician arrives onsite and it is not a safe work environment. Any charges will apply as per our cancelation policy below

Professional standards and warranty

EMSAR shall adhere to all the laws and professional and ethical standards and shall perform services in a manner consistent with, federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to EMSAR. Any defective services, which defect is solely caused by EMSAR, will be re-performed by EMSAR at EMSAR’s cost. In the event that a piece of equipment serviced by EMSAR malfunctions or is otherwise in need of further service within thirty (30) days of the initial work by EMSAR (and such malfunction or defect is not solely caused by EMSAR), EMSAR agrees to provide a one-time follow-up repair, at no additional cost to client, to attempt to remedy such malfunction or defect, provided that the malfunction or defect has not been caused by misuse or negligence of Client, its employees or agents, or a third party (a “Gross Defect”) (“Excluded Services”).

Scheduling & cancellation policy

All services will be scheduled during EMSAR’s normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm local time. If services are required outside of normal business hours and an EMSAR technician can accept the work, a premium service charge of $500 per day will be applied to the final invoice for that service.

Client acknowledges that once services have been scheduled with EMSAR, EMSAR will expend significant time and effort in coordinating and staffing such services. In the event that client cancels a scheduled service with less than one (1) business days’ notice to EMSAR, or the applicable covered equipment is not available to EMSAR for service at the scheduled time, client will be charged for any travel-related expenses incurred by EMSAR.

EMSAR Contact & Payment Information
EMSAR Contact: Quoting Team Payment Terms: Net 30 days from receipt
Phone: 800-590-7412 Invoice Schedule: Upon completion of each service
Email: sales@emsar.com Please make payment to: EMSAR AR
PO Box 202887, Austin, TX 78720
Client Billing Information

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